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Bonnes Nouvelles is a family owned, local business and we believe that supporting local business owners is good for our community. 

Check out the ads on our pages, they represent the home team.
We do not solicit the business of chain stores. Local independent business owners are our concern. Plus, we do not solicit business outside of the parish.
Bonnes Nouvelles is unique. We understand the importance of the local "Mom & Pop" business, because that's who we are.

Sound good to you? Give us a call today!

Bonnes Nouvelles Vermilion

P.O. Box 1913

Abbeville, LA 70511-1913


Publishing Editor - Robby Dardeau

Phone: 337-652-8079


Every issue printed reinforces our

belief that there is more good news than bad news waiting to be told. 

Bonnes Nouvelles is all about the wonderful people in South Louisiana who may have never made the news, but were and are the foundation in every community.

Only $20/ year Gets it Mailed To You!

Mail your $20 check payable to:

Bonnes Nouvelles

P.O. Box 1913

Abbeville, LA 70511-1913

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This will get a copy mailed to your home each month.


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