Bonnes Nouvelles (French for “good news”) is a monthly publication dedicated to sharing stories of local people in Evangeline and Vermilion Parishes. Each parish has its own publication reflecting its home community.  


Bonnes Nouvelles can be obtained freely at local businesses or can be subscribed to by mail.
How we got started?

Grace Dardeau (1931-1995) was a high school English teacher who loved people and always thought there were lots of stories in the community not being told.  She believed a publication focusing on the family histories of local, everyday folks (those not normally in the news) was needed. Grace’s brother, Bobby Dardeau, agreed with her and thought this type of publication would be well received.
In December of 1993, a new publication hit the streets of Ville Platte in Evangeline Parish. Bobby, a professional photographer who also has years of experience in the newspaper business, published Bonnes Nouvelles.  Since then, Bonnes Nouvelles has been growing in popularity, while spotlighting local stories of everyday people.  Bobby’s son, Robby Dardeau, introduced Bonnes Nouvelles to Vermilion Parish in January of 2003.
Today, Bonnes Nouvelles is still family-owned and family-operated, printing good news each month. 
Find a copy, and enjoy what some have described as “the little paper with the big heart.”